Anti-Graffiti Coating & Removal

Graffiti is a problem in Sydney, and we’re the solution.

We understand that graffiti is an issue that affects many people. It can be scary to see graffiti on your property and to be confronted with the possibility of losing it. You may have tried to remove it yourself, but you’re probably not very good at it—and even if you are, you still need to think about what will happen when you wipe away the paint. If you’ve tried removing graffiti using traditional methods, chances are they didn’t work too well and could have damaged the underlying wall. If you leave the paint on the wall and then try to remove it later, it could cause more damage than if you just removed all traces of graffiti immediately.

Painting Services Sydney is a company that offers anti-graffiti coating and removal services to protect your property from unwanted graffiti. We are a company that has been in the industry for several years and have seen first-hand how the graffiti problem can be a significant nuisance for property owners. We specialize in anti-graffiti coating and removal services for Sydney homes and businesses. We use only the best materials to coat walls so that removing graffiti becomes easy and painless—no more damaging your walls or damaging your paint job!

We offer this service to all property owners who want to protect their properties from unwanted graffiti. Beyond covering your property, we also provide our clients peace of mind by knowing that they are doing something proactive about the issue of unwanted graffiti on their properties.


Our services include:

Anti-Graffiti Coating

We offer an anti-graffiti coating service to protect your building from graffiti artists and vandals. The coating is made of high-quality materials designed to last for years without wearing off or being damaged by weather conditions such as rain, snow, sleet or hail.


Removal Service

In case you have been affected by a graffiti attack on your property, we offer a complete removal service which includes removing all traces of graffiti so that it does not affect the appearance of your building anymore.


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