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Feature & Accent Walls – Painting Services Sydney

Feature & Accent Walls

Painting Services Sydney is a top-notch provider of feature and accent wall painting services to suit every project brief and requirement. Whether you are looking for a simple feature wall or a more elaborate one, we can help.


Why have an Accent wall? What are the benefits? 


Significant Impact

– A single wall can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance and quality. While every accent wall addition is different, this project is typically easy to complete and relatively cheap. This only makes sense — after all, you’re only working with a single wall as opposed to an entire room (i.e., four walls plus ceiling), so you won’t need an excess of materials or time to get the job done. And if you choose your accent walls’ color/design strategically, this simple project can transform your entire room just like that. This is why it’s often best to go bold with your accent wall and make a statement.



– -Accent walls are a great way to add visual interest to multi-purpose rooms. Simply put, plenty of rooms serve more than one purpose. A living room, for instance, might be used to watch TV, read books, host gatherings, and more. If space allows, you might want to design this space’s layout, so it accommodates these various purposes with minimal interference. How you furnish and decorate the room will have the most significant impact, but adding an accent wall can seal the deal by clearly defining different parts of your room. You might paint the wall(s) of your reading corner a different color than the rest of your den or paint the wall behind your bed a darker color than the rest of your bedroom


Add some texture to your living space.

– Accent walls are not merely about painting a room two colors—the texture and design of these features often contain a completely different texture. You can install wallpaper or wood veneer on one of your walls to establish a bold, contrasting design and texture. If you want to stick with paint, you can create the illusion of texture with a faux finish accent wall (i.e., mobilization, color washing, sponging, etc.). The possibilities are just about endless. And because you’re taking this risk with just one wall, you’ll have a much easier time maintaining it and/or making changes should you switch things up again. Who knows? You might like your textured wall so much that you expand it to the rest of your room or try it in another one too!


An accent wall can make a loud statement, define the boundaries of a room, and allow you to experiment with new techniques and designs. So, if you’re unsure where to begin your interior improvement project, it may be time to acquire an accent wall—one of our many specialties at Painting Services Sydney. To learn more about us and what we can do for you and your property, contact us at or visit our website.