Textured Walls

Textured walls are a challenge for many homeowners in Sydney, but a bad textured wall can be the source of many problems. These walls are often used in residential areas and can be found in the attic, basement, or even an old room that was never finished.

These textured walls often have a lot of dirt and debris that needs to be removed before you can start painting walls. We recommend contacting us at Painting Services Sydney for our textured wall removal services.

Our team will remove any textured wallpaper or wallpaper with a patterned surface and then clean the wall with a particular solution to free it from dirt and dust particles. We do this by spraying a polymer solution onto the wall, then scrubbing it off with brushes and rags. This cleaning process allows us to remove all types of textured material from walls without damaging them. Our methods are environmentally friendly and safe for anyone who comes into contact with them. At the same time, we are the most qualified team to work on your home or business property because we only use only high-quality products when cleaning walls in Sydney, including Aerosol Paints, which are safer for children and pets than other types of spray paints, and Methylated Spirits, which help make sure that no fumes are released into the air when we are cleaning walls with this substance.

Our team also has the skills and experience to remove textured walls safely and quickly. We will do these for you!

1. We will survey your wall to understand its texture and condition, including any areas that have been damaged or repaired by previous contractors.

2. Any issues with the wall will be discussed with you before we begin removing the textured wallpaper.

3. We will use a specialized machine to lift the wall and expose the plasterboard. This process is called ‘texturing.’

4. The textured plasterboard is removed, cleaned, and re-installed under the new wallpaper.

We also offer free quotes so that you can see how much it would cost us to remove your textured wall and what type of service plan we would recommend based on your needs and budget and other factors such as location.

**Important:** If you have questions about this process, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [phone number]. Or you can visit our website at