Brick Painting & Render Restoration

Does your home have brick siding? Are you looking for a way to improve the look of your home’s exterior without making costly or time-consuming renovations? Well you may want to consider an exterior brick painting service to give your home a new and improved look, And here in Sydney, we are the number one company for the job! painting your exterior brick is a great way to not only show up your unique taste in style but also increase the value of your home, additionally, it is permeable which allows the substrate to perform as it should, it may seem counterintuitive but a layer of paint actually helps to protect the brick underneath, it does this by both sealing it from water and ice that can cause damage, keeping it away from the brick and by preventing normal wear and tear from UV rays, wind exposure and so much more, because brick is a porous material it naturally attracts dirt and debris that can be very difficult to clean, a layer of paint covers up the porous surface allowing your exterior to be cleaned easily with the occasional power washing. There are a couple of things to consider before painting a brick exterior, it’s important never to paint over molded or deteriorating brick once brick has been painted it’s notoriously difficult to remove the paint however putting a new coat of paint on, is easy and affordable, so you can always change the color to something that suits your tastes better with very little hassle when considering exterior brick painting service, it’s important to find a trusted painting company that can ensure you’re getting the correct type of paint and it is being applied properly. Here at Paint Servicing Sydney our brick paint is a hundred percent all-natural, we would love to hear about your painting needs and work with you to find a solution that you’ll love.


We also offer a Render restoration service, Being the frontline of protection for your house, render repair must be a top priority on your maintenance list. If ignored, serious defects can develop. Be cautious of deteriorating or distended render — both designate predicaments. Puffed parts will sound hollow when tapped, while lumps of render may have even fallen off, revealing bare reinforcements of the wall behind. The most common cause of render cracking and bulging, though, tends to be frost getting the moisture trapped between the render and the wall. This is the reason why hairline cracks need to be sealed before they begin to develop, otherwise, Alternatively, water that penetrates could cause the render to freeze and expand, which can result in a loose surface — which can result in bigger cracks. And if the render mix is too strong it may also cause some cracking due to contraction.  But do not fret, we can help you with your render repairs and restorations, we have an expert team to do the job, filling out tiny to huge cracks, and also do a color match to suit your taste, if all else fails we can fully renovate your renders using top-notch rendering systems.

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