Shop and Office Renovation Painting

Shop and Office building owners here in Sydney often put off painting their interior spaces until the last minute, when it becomes too expensive and inconvenient to schedule a day off. Here at Painting Services Sydney, our commercial painting professionals make the work painless by planning ahead to minimize any needed downtime. Our experienced team of painters is trained and certified to perform any sized commercial paint job, your shop or office can have a refreshed appearance and an improved business image, or it may require painting to address problems such as stained walls or peeling paint. There are many reasons why this is necessary, including changes in corporate branding, logo design changes, and new artwork. Or perhaps you’re leasing the space or preparing for sale—either scenario can bring about a new interior look for your building. Our team at Painting Services Sydney has extensive experience serving a diverse portfolio of commercial industries throughout Sydney and we’re licensed, bonded, and insured to complete the work safely,


Our professional painters will make your property look new, but some necessary prep-work steps exist. Before the painters start painting, they’ll need access to your home or business to complete the prep work. And here’s how you prepare, informing your employees, customers, and tenants about possible disruptions can help you plan for any changes. Remove all wall art, furniture, and furnishings, including paintings, clocks, whiteboards, nails/screws, curtains, and blinds. Before painting, it is advisable to have your walls and ceilings professionally cleaned (you can also count on us to do that for you). Move furniture away from windows or to the centre of the room, where it can be covered with a protective tarp. Remove all plants, food, and other items from the property before the painters arrive. Coordinate with the painters ahead of time to minimize disruptions that may occur during painting. Finally, review the details of your property lease related to interior painting just for us to avoid unnecessary delays.


Our top priority is to manage your interior painting project from start-to-finish so you can focus fully on your business operations and core tasks. We offer free consultations—please contact us today at tel # or visit our website to set up a walkthrough and get a quote for commercial painting services.